A professional service in which we prepare and value the inventory of trade

furniture and fittings. This is usually purchased by the incoming licensee and forms

a major part of the capital investment.

The amount of Capital required (the Ingoing Figure) represents:

1. The purchase of Trade Fixtures & Fittings (The Inventory). This obviously varies according to quality and quantity. 2. The Brewers deposit. This varies in amount. It is held by the Brewery throughout your Tenancy as a safeguard against non-payment of Accounts etc. Interest is usually paid on this and the amount is returned to you after vacation of the Premises. 3. The purchase at valuation of Stock, Glassware, Crockery and Cutlery etc. 4. Our professional Fees - full details will be given once you have been appointed for a house. 5. Advance rent. Often you are required to pay a week, a month, or a quarters rent in advance. 6. Training course fees. 7. Sometimes the Ingoing will include an amount for Working Capital. This is an amount for improvements etc., that you may wish to make As specialists in the field, we receive details of opportunities from both the company and private sectors. Fred Barrett and Son prepare letting details and endeavour to match applicants with a property of their choice. Once a prospective licensee has registered with us we can offer a comprehensive service, hopefully from initial application through to change day and beyond. We provide a complete range of services including business plan assistance. This can only be produced once a particular house is under consideration and we can offer specialised assistance starting with our Business Plan Guide. This includes up to date prices and example Profit & Loss Accounts, typical wages and inventory depreciation costs - all backed up by sample calculations. Once you have chosen a specific house you will need to complete a Feasibility Study. Will the pub be profitable and how will you make it a better business? It will be necessary for you to compile a Business Plan. This is not just a Profit and Loss Account (although this is very important). A well researched plan will also highlight those areas of the business which can be improved and show ways to maximise the opportunities of the house. A good starting point is to carry out an analysis evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the pub.
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